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    Professional childcare and kindergarten in Eastern Melbourne

    The staff at all three of our professional childcare and kindergartens in Melbourne have a wealth of experience caring and educating children and helping them grow and develop to their full potential. 

    Managing Director

    Deborah Martinov is a qualified early childhood professional with a Bachelor of Business an Advanced Diploma in Community Services (Childcare) and a Certificate 4 in Training and Workplace Assessment. She is the approved provider for the centre under the Educational and Care Services National Law 2010.

    Deborah is the owner and director of three childcare centres, though she has also been engaged in consultancy work and other projects relating to the provision of children and family services. She has served as the Vice President of the Childcare Centres’ Association of Victoria.

    This has provided her with a broad knowledge and valuable experience of all aspects of childcare and business management, including administration and financial management, human resources, development, and quality improvement.

    Our staff

    Our dedicated childhood professionals recognise pedagogy, which actively engages children in play as one of the main ways they learn and develop. They use a holistic approach when planning for the whole child’s development. Our team pays attention to the children’s physical, personal, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, as well as the cognitive aspects of their learning.

    Our childhood professionals are seen as valuable resources for our centres, where their personalities and beliefs contribute to making a successful learning environment. They have a range of early childhood teaching qualifications and experience.

    We strongly believe in promoting ongoing learning and reflective practices for all of our childhood professionals. Through an ongoing cycle of reviewing current practice, we are able to establish new ideas and always continue to improve. We also encourage our staff to constantly update their skills and knowledge by attending relevant external and internal training and courses.

    We ensure that background checks are carried out on all childcare professionals before they are employed, and all employees are required to follow the centre’s ethical code of conduct.

    We believe that continuity of care is important to ensure the children establish trust and form a warm, secure relationship with their teachers. We arrange to have the same staff with the same children, where possible, to promote stability and comfort for our children. 

    Services Manager

    Neven Martinov has had many years’ experience in childcare and customer services, and has been in managerial positions throughout his career. He is also an approved provider for all three centres under the Educational and Care Services National Law 2010.

    Neven's expertise in management and service delivery is reflected in the smooth day-to-day operation of the centres, including overseeing cleaning and supplies, grounds and maintenance, security, and the general service needs of all three centres.

    Work experience students

    Work experience students, as well as students from a variety of studies, are welcomed and encouraged to work with us throughout the year. The field students are involved in a wide range of studies, from a Certificate and Diploma in Childcare, to a Bachelor of Early Childhood Development. Work-based placement is an essential part of their training, and our centres aim to provide "real life" experiences for these students under the supervision of experienced staff.

    All parents will be advised when a student is on placement within the centre.

    To find out more about our warm and wonderful staff, give us a call on 03 9874 6401 today!

    For further info about our centre, Childcare Rebate & Benefits download the Parent Handbook

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